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Thumbs up to Dora’s new Asian bar. We often opt for the pizza when nothing
else strikes our fancy, but this new found Asian cuisine is right up our alley!
Thumbs up to a whole week of the  Spring semester already being over.
We weren’t eager to jump back on the bandwagon of endless classes and papers no one really wants to write,
but the time is flashing by, and that’s how we like it!
Thumbs up to Bradden Van Noy (SGA president) and Melissa Murnane on their engagement.
We know you’ll make a stunning bride and groom at your wedding. Keep him in line Melissa!  
Thumbs down to the circus the race for the presidential republican nominee has turned out to be.
Perry bombs his debates, Cain can’t seem to keep his hands to himself (so all those women say) and Bachmann drops out of the race before the primaries even begin



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