Tristian Evans

The Academic Success Center, located on the first floor of the Eunice and James L West Library, provides tools, such as tutoring and workshops to help students succeed.

Everyone in the center, from student tutors to professional staff, have dedicated their time to helping students reach success in their classes. Michael Anne Greer, learning specialist, said it is important

Meisa Keivani Najafabadi | Rambler Staff

for students to have academic help and encouragement outside the classroom.

“I think to get the full college experience it has to extend beyond what you get in the classroom,” Greer said. “When students come in here to work with the tutors or to work in groups, it expands what they’ve been doing in the classroom.”

Greer said she hopes the Academic Success Center helps to encourage things like analytical reasoning and critical thinking because she believes they will serve the students well in their classes.

One of the services offered at the Center is tutoring in all levels of math, writing, logic and history.

“We survey the students and we ask them what subjects they would like to see tutored,” Fowler said. “And then, based off those results, we try to add or do what we need to do to find people to tutor [that subject].”

Fowler said they are very selective about their tutors. She and Greer ask each department to suggest their best students, and if those students are interested in the positions, they are brought in for a mock tutoring session.

Lisa Puente, senior English major, tutors students in writing.

“I love when I can help a student understand basic grammatical errors and how to correct them in order to make their future writing pieces more effective.” Puente said in an email.

She also said she thinks the Center is fun and laid back place.
Beginning last semester, some tutors began helping students over Skype.
“This way they can phone a tutor and Skype in and they can actually watch the tutor work

through the problem,” Fowler said.
There are currently two tutors who do Skype tutoring. Fowler said the Center will continue to

use Skype because students have benefited from its inclusion.
Staff in the Academic Success Center also hosts, Lunch Box Workshops. These workshops

usually take place around noon.
Professors and faculty from around the campus are brought in to help give students tips on

everything from note taking and studying, to how to navigate Ramlink. They also offer the

Transformation Workshops, which are aimed primarily at transfer students trying to learn the ins and outs of the university.

“Students have come in and [because] it’s a new environment, sometimes they don’t fully understand how their credits transfer so we do a working shop on “Understanding My Degree Plan,” Greer said.

Fowler said the center would not exist without the students and they do their best to accommodate the student’s different learning styles and support their needs.

The Center is also looking into hiring tutors for students who attend weekend classes.

“We’re constantly changing our schedule. We’re constantly changing our tutors, to meet the students needs,” Fowler said. “We really do listen to what they tell us in person or through email or through our surveys so that we are making the changes they ask for.”