Stephanie Randall

Two new sports were recently added to the Texas Wesleyan Athletics department; Women’s Golf and Women’s Junior Varsity Basketball.

Kevin Millikan, recently appointed director of new sport development, contributed to the addition. Millikan said he is now in the process of creating a budget and also finding recruits for the teams to come play for Wesleyan. Steve Trachier, athletic director, said the new programs will be funded by Wesleyan. Only golf is a scholarship sport. J

JV basketball will be used to create additional opportunities for Wesleyan student athletes. The addition of these sports will not affect funding for other sports at Wesleyan, Tracheir said.

He said the new sports additions provide great opportunities for Wesleyan to compete with other teams in Wesleyan’s conference.

“Golf is one of the sports we felt had the resources to provide a program for,”

Trachier said. “It provides a competitive situation to compete in, and that was what we were looking for.”

Trachier said he will oversee the preparation for women’s JV basketball and Millikan will run women’s golf. Trachier said both he and Millikan have enough experience with the two sports to provide a stable foundation.

Milikan said Wesleyan’s location, facilities and various other resources available in Fort Worth give the women’s golf team a chance to make a positive impact from the start. He plans to add six to seven players to the roster, and compete in approximately four tournaments per semester.

Millikan said he is excited to be a part of bringing this addition to Wesleyan.

“I think we can be very successful and represent the university at a very high level,” Millikan said. “The opportunity not only to coach, but, to have this team at Wesleyan has certainly been a long time coming.”

Milikan, who is also co-head men’s golf coach, said that team has been successful in the past

years and he hopes to create a competitive atmosphere for women’s golf.
“The success that the men’s team has created will definitely benefit to the women’s team

success,” Millikan said.
Katherine Rosenbusch, sophomore Volleyball player, said she is bittersweet about bringing

more women’s sports to Wesleyan.
“I think it is great we are adding more women’s teams [to the department] so that it is a little

more balanced,” Rosenbusch said.
However, she is worried that it will affect funding and recruitment of other women’s athletic

“On the opposite side, considering that funding is already low, adding more teams might hurt

the ability to recruit better athletes,” Rosenbusch said.
Rosenbusch said she has never had the chance to play golf before.

“If I played golf, I definitely would be interested in joining the team I think it is a great opportunity,” she said.