Jordan Twine

Students now have the opportunity to play video games while on campus thanks to the Student Government Association.

The grand opening of the Game Loft, located upstairs in the Student Union Building, took place at 12:15 p.m. on Jan. 12. New additions include two game systems, an Xbox 360 with Xbox Live and a

Erica Estrada | Rambler Staff

Kinect and a PlayStation 3. A ribbon cutting preceded the festivities.

Brenton Flowers, senior criminal justice major and SGA vice president, proposed the idea of making a game loft to SGA. Flowers said he felt the upstairs loft area could be put to better use.

“The loft wasn’t really being used,” Flowers said. “The only time we saw students up here was with their laptop or sleeping.”

Flowers assisted in the game selection and said he aimed to please a diverse group of gamers.

“We tried to get games that appeal to every student,” Flowers said. “Hopefully we did that.” Bradden Van Noy, SGA president, helped turn the idea into a bill.
“Everyone in SGA was real supportive of it,” Van Noy said. “As far as student government

goes it went through really fast.”
Van Noy said they are planning gaming events such as a Call of Duty tournament, for

students to enjoy in the near future.
“We would like to have organization tournaments,” Van Noy said. “I’m really excited about it,

especially the Call of Duty tournament.”
Lanysia Harrison, freshmen mass communications major, said she thinks it will be a great

place for students.
“You can sleep in your room or the library so it’s good to know we have a place where there is

something to do and it’s fun,” Harrison said.

Students can check out gaming equipment in the Student Project Center located upstairs next to the Game Loft, a school ID is required.