Rolandra West


With only four months left until the end of the school year, Bradden Van Noy, Student Government Association president, is pumped up and ready to go.

Van Noy has served as SGA since last August, but with all his responsibilities he still finds time to volunteer at Daggott Middle School and make time for his studies.

Van Noy said he is ready to get out there in the real world by taking his education to a higher level. He plans to continue his education and get a degree in law. He said the schools he is considering are Texas Wesleyan Law School and Southern Methodist University.

“I don’t want to travel too far from this area,” Van Noy said. “Texas Wesleyan is a very big possibility.”

Van Noy said he wants to work and become financially stable and in five years he plans to establish a career in politics.

“It all depends on where God is going to lead me,” Van Noy said. “That is the deciding factor.” Van Noy said he not only loves his job, but he also loves his school.
“I spent a semester at University of Texas at Arlington, it doesn’t compare to Wesleyan,” Van

Noy said. “I love it here [and] I wouldn’t have chosen any other school.”
Brenton Flowers, senior criminal justice major and SGA vice president, described Van Noy as

an all-around good guy.
“Bradden realizes that being president of Student Government Association is an honor and

that the student body trusts him to represent us and he is doing that,” Flowers said. “Anything he feels may be beneficial to the students, he is working on getting it accomplished and so far he has.”

Besides furthering his life with career goals, Van Noy also made changes in his personal life. He proposed to his now fiancée, Melissa Murnane, junior education major.

“On New Year’s Eve, Bradden proposed right at midnight while the song ‘New York, New York’ by Frank Sinatra was playing,” Murnane said. “My family is from NY, and we love visiting, so it made it that much more special.”

Murnane said she and Van Noy are not only best friends, they are soul mates.

“Bradden is such an inspiring guy, he has been through a lot in his life and that has just made him stonger as a person,” Murnane said. “He can make anyone smile no matter what the situation.”

Erica Estrada | Rambler Staff Braden Van Noy, Student Government Association president, discusses 2012 plans. This will be Van

Noy’s last semester serving SGA.