Check this link out for varying opinions on the SOPA and PIPA acts violated by Google. The issue really is just about 10 years late. Let’s be honest, what would we really do without a

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search engine like Google. However, as a scholar I do understand and relate more to violations of PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) because this is years of research and money that have gone into published books and papers. To copy or make available the copy of published information is like making the drugs available to the Mexican community but not actually handing them out. It does indeed make Google look like an enabler. The bottom line is, however, what solutions can come of this copyright infringement? For one, Google could become a non-profit organization which will never happen because this entire debate is solely about money, two, all pages searched would have to include a full bibliography as well as written consent from all authors which would disable Google for a solid two years, or we can realize the changing technology has pointed the finger to a computer and what laws do we have set up for such infringements? As much as I feel for scholars, artists and regular people who have had their work stolen online, I cannot side with a world without google.