By Rolandra West;

It all started with Marilyn Monroe, then movies went further downhill with Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith. Ditzy, seductive, surgical enhancements and wild sexuality is the image young women have learned to look up to and what men seem to appreciate. Women are objectified in society solely because of what is seen on the big screen. There are so many dimensions of a woman that could be glorified but instead the entertainment industry minimizes the potential of our reputations. Hollywood’s concept of women has become very misconstrued. Over time movies
have pushed the envelope a little further, whether it is a woman’s sexuality or her demeanor. The sex scenes have gone from simple and short to long and risqué. It could be any movie, even a science fiction or horror film. I’m thinking what I’m watching is a relatively good movie and then all of a sudden there is a nude scene or sex scene smack dab in the middle. It seems as if in this present time I cannot get through one movie without seeing a woman’s partial cleavage or complete
exposure.Female characters have always been stereotypical for the most part. Now this does not go for every movie but many films and television shows have portrayed women as the object of sex, minus the brains and personality. In the entertainment world, a woman’s intelligence is not as highly ranked as her body. According to society, the women in entertainment have to have just enough sexiness, whether it’s the shortest skirt possible or the skimpiest top that cuts off her circulation. This sends the message to young girls that this is the way to act and dress.Women are naturally the object of beauty, but society and television have done their very best to misrepresent that beauty. Take Halle Berry for example, the well-known actress who has been in plenty of movies over the past years. She received numerous awards and nominations for her role in Monster’s Ball (2001), a movie that focused on the sexual attraction between the wife of an executed murderer and one of the cops who brought him down. Berry played the wife and Billy Bob Thornton played the cop. This movie was highly praised for the provocative scenes between Berry and Thorton.Berry had never before done a movie this provocative, but it seemed to have made her the most obvious candidate for Best Actress in 2001. Berry won six awards and was nominated for six more for her role in Monster’s Ball. This role earned her the most awards and nominations than any other movie. Monster’s Ball is the typical example of how women are portrayed in the big screen. The fact that it received so many nominations emphasizes just how sexist society is today.It is not coincidental that women are casted in stereotypical roles of ditzy, gullible
and wildly sexual beings. This image is not only degrading, but as far from the truth as possible. I feel women should be portrayed more realistically, not just some of the time, but all the time. Young girls would something to look up to instead of the influences that have been represented, and young men would see women more realistically.