By Stephanie Randall;

Basketball, flag football, golf, disc golf league and pig skin pick’em are some of the intramural sports that Wesleyan has to offer. That selection is slim to none; it is not much for the student body to choose from at all. First of all, these sports are testosterone driven. We need to add some sports in which women can dominate and show
what they’ve got. The addition of a female sport like volleyball, softball or a female flag football league for those tomboy yet “girly” girls like me, will be sure to provide


Meisa Keivani Najafabadi | Rambler Staff

an equal opportunity for women to get involved in intramural sports. With the new upgrades to the loft, we as a Wesleyan community, are curious
to see what other upgrades are going to start. Well, this is a chance for intramural sports to be amped up. Rarely are intramural sports promoted, and I think more publicity of the events that take place will provide a greater turn out. Students are itching to get out of their rooms and get away from school work to do something fun with their fellow classmates. More opportunities for students to get away from school work and just have fun is what makes all the hard work and late night studying all worth it at the end of the year.
I know when I graduate, I want to look back on Wesleyan and think, “man, I had so much fun,” not “man, I was bored cooped up in my room with nothing to do but study.”
Some people at this school are not athletes but still enjoy playing sports, so intramural are their opportunities to get out there and play with the big dogs on campus.
If event and intramural sports planners at Wesleyan make improvements to activities, students would enjoy them more. I think the upgrades to the loft, more student activities provided by the Social Rams and possible upgrades to intramural would attract more students. Those who are here are more likely to stay, instead of transferring, if they are having fun.Students’ four years in college is the best it is going to be before putting the grown up clothes on and stepping out into the real world. It needs to be memorable. All in favor for improvements to intramural say “Aye!”