Tristian Evans
Barbara Reese, multimedia specialist, said goodbye to Wesleyan on Jan. 18. Reese had been working in the Information Technology department for the past six years. She resigned from her position at Texas Wesleyan to work at an IT firm.Reese said not being able to see and interact with students, faculty and staff will be difficult.   She said everyone from the students, to the security staff, to her coworkers, made her time at Wesleyan special.“They are like family and that is hard to leave,” Reese said. “The quality of students is what I will miss.” Reese came to Wesleyan seven and a half years ago, after working for the Arlington Independent School District for more than 20 years. When she first came to Wesleyan, Reese worked in the art department, then the university help desk, and finally in the IT department.
Reese said her new job will allow her to combine all of the various skills she has picked up working in IT over the years. “It’s a culmination of everything I’ve done in IT,” Reese said. “I’ll [be doing] systems integration, working with another person to implement a new financial system [for the company] and training new employees.”   While at Wesleyan, she got her A+ certification, which will help her perform the duties of her new job. “It’s not an easy exam to pass,” Reese said. “[It] really ramped up my skills as far as hardware goes.”Reese said her supervisor, George Blackwell, instructional technology and media services manager, helped her expand her IT knowledge and encouraged her as she prepared for the A+ certification exam.“George believed in me and that allowed me to believe in myself,” Reese said. Blackwell said Reese will be missed in the IT department.“She is definitely an important part of the team,” Blackwell said. “I told her she has great people skills and I think that’s what I’m really going to miss the most.” Reese said her advice to potential successors is to always stay calm. “If you go in nervous or convey that, everyone takes on that demeanor,” she said. “If you panic, they are going to.”Although she is leaving, Reese said she will take with her the relationships and friendships she has made. “I’ve really enjoyed my time at Texas Wesleyan. This faculty and staff have such kind hearts,” Reese said. “It’s been such a joy.” Kelly Burton, junior mass communication major who has worked with Reese, said.Kelly Burton, junior mass communication major who worked with Reese, said she is like a work mom to the student workers and will be missed. “She’s the type of person who really takes an interest in the people she works with,” Burton said. “I’m really happy for her,” Burton said. “But I’m sad to see her go.”