Table Tennis open provides opportunity for locals

Emma Fradette

The Texas Wesleyan table tennis team competed in the Texas Wesleyan Open on Saturday Jan. 21 in the Sid Richardson Center. Oliviu Vasilca, also known as Oli, attended the tournament. Vasilca, senior computer information systems and business administration major and table tennis player, said it was a great turn out.“It was an open tournament,” Oli said. “Anyone could compete, any age, and there were different events based on ratings from” According to the website, the United States of America Table Tennis (USATT) was created in 1933 to oversee the table tennis community. USATT is in charge of watching over membership services, rules of the game and national teams.Jose Barbosa, junior business major and table tennis player said the open tournament is divided by some categories depending on a player’s rating. “The main category for this tournament is the open singles,” Barbosa said. “All categories count for the USA rating system.”Barbosa played in the singles open on Saturday. “I think I did OK and I qualified as first on my group,” Barbosa said. “Since I was seeded second of the tournament, I was directly [put] in the quarter finals.” Barbosa said he lost playing against his teammate Razvan Cretu 3 to 1.“It was a pretty close game, but his experience prevailed on some crucial points,” Barbosa said. Barbosa said Cretu went on but lost in the semi-finals. The table tennis team has been working hard to prepare for nationals.“This semester we have Collegiate Nationals in April, so we are just starting our preparation for this tournament which is the most important for us,” Barbosa said. “Those opens are good to train so we can get in the best shape possible for April,. The Rams next tournament will be March 17 for the Texas Wesleyan Open in the Sid Richardson Center.

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