Google was recently charged with being a piracy network for infringing upon copyright laws by giving the world access to a public domain.


The Stop Online Piracy Act laws (SOPA) is found in the House of Representatives, and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) is found in the Senate.


Both acts state Google is breaking copyright laws by making published works available for free without the consent of the authors.


Forgive me for sounding like the new generation, but what exactly would the world be without Google? Aside from the fact that we will have to look up all research in books, a rather foreign idea these days, this would also mean more government control over our media.


The Internet, although it can be used for educational purposes, is also an outlet to the First Amendment’s description of freedom of speech, press and expression.


By allowing the government to control the Internet, we allow them to censor what we see. We already allow the U.S. Patriot Act to turn our phone lines, medical records and financial information over to the government.


I am a firm believer in censorship through self, censorship through parents in the case of adolescents and censorship of information that could breach the safety of an individual. I cannot, however, agree to hand over the rights I have to view what I wish, post what I will and comment on what I want as an American.


According to an opinion piece by the New York Observer online, Congress received 3 million emails protesting the SOPA and PIPA bills.


The New York Observer

said unless Congress plans to update itself on the power behind the Internet they should refrain from regulating on such laws.

A world without Google is a world without the First Amendment.