Tristian Evans


The security department of Texas Wesleyan University is in charge of keeping faculty, staff and students safe from any potential dangers they may encounter.


To become more accessible, the security department has moved operations to O.C. Armstrong Hall. Felisa Barnes, security manager, said she is excited about the move.


“A lot of students don’t know where [the] security office is,” Barnes said. “With our new location, I think we can start a better courtship, so to speak, with the students.”


Barnes said she wants there to be better communication and relationships between security and students.


Cary Poole, dean of students, assisted with the move. Poole said he thinks the newer location is a safer one for students.


“When I have walked to the security office at its old location, I had often [thought] if someone were being stalked, that this could lead to a dead-end situation,” Poole said in an email.


Barnes said there are various plans in the works to help better serve the students, faculty and staff of Wesleyan.


“We want to do a ride along program [so that] students can see what we do,” Barnes said. “They’ll better understand our system and how it runs.”


Students participating in the ride along program would have the opportunity to patrol the campus with security guards.


Some of the other plans in development are a student group that would work with security on things that need to be improved. Barnes said she also wants to set up a suggestion box, a community forum and a dispatcher to answer calls.


“I think the students have a better idea of what they want from us,” Barnes said. “And we want to know what that is.”


Barnes said, this semester, the security officers schedules have been arranged so that there are more officers on duty than before.


“I think that’s going to help a lot,” Barnes said. “More eyes, more ears, more people patrolling the campus.”


Barnes said students leaving the campus late at night can have a security guard escort them to their cars to help them feel safer.


For example, if a car is broken into, the security department will contact the Fort Worth Police department and the student will file a report, and so will the security department. Barnes said break-ins happen here and there, not all of the time.


Students should be careful not to leave valuables sitting in plain sight on the inside of their cars, Barnes said. Barnes also said during the semester break, there were no break-ins.


“I am very excited about that,” Barnes said. “We have had some issues in the past. But I think this semester break, we were better prepared.”


Barnes said the officers did more walk-throughs of the dorms and buildings. She said some break-ins, in the past, where perpetrated by someone the person knew.


“You’d be surprised how many students will go home for the holidays and leave their doors unlocked,” Barnes said.


Barnes said students should take precautions to keep themselves and their property safe, and always follow their first instinct when it comes to safety.


Barnes also said she encourages students to create a safety packet so that if anything ever happens they have the information they need to file a report and always remember to lock their doors.


Barnes said once the funds are available, cameras will be installed around campus to help keep the campus safe. She said until then, they will do what they can with the resources they have.


Barnes also said she has an open door policy and would love to have more students come by and speak with her about things going on around campus.


Jazmine Moore, sophomore accounting major, said she is impressed with campus security so far this semester.


However, Moore also said she thinks there should be more campus security officers patrolling during the night in case students with night classes ever need assistance.


“I think they are doing a good job right now,” Moore said. “[But] I think because it gets dark earlier, they should have more officers around for the night students.”