Erica Estrada | Rambler Staff

Alejandra Garcia


Jeffrey Max, senior political science major, is a college student by day and political activist by night.


Max is a student writer for the political website The College Conservative. According to their mission, the purpose of the website is to provide a platform for conservative college students across the country to voice their political opinions and concerns while promoting morality, liberty, responsibility and prosperity.


Max said he has strong political beliefs.


“I’m a Republican mainly because I believe in a smaller U.S. government,” Max said. “I believe in constitutional values and individual rights.”


Max said he began to write for The College Conservative last December. He and 29 other writers submit one article every two weeks.


“We’re free to write about whatever we want,” Max said.


Max said he and his fellow writers will visit Washington D.C. Feb. 9 to 11. They will not only get the chance to listen to the speeches of the presidential candidates, but also meet them in person. A meet and greet is scheduled for students to get the chance to know them on a personal level.


“I’m looking forward to meeting Sarah Palin,” Max said. “She is the pinnacle of the conservative party.”


Max said this will also be the first time he will meet the other conservative writers face to face, but they communicate through Facebook and Twitter frequently.


“I’m very excited,” Max said. “I can’t wait.”


Max said he first began to actively participate in politics in 2008 during the Obama vs. McCain elections. He was 17. Max said the reason he began to participate at this time was because he was able to drive himself to political rallies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


“That was real fun to do,” Max said.


Max said he reads political books, listens to conservative radio and watches presidential campaigns on TV to stay informed.


He said his father, Dan Max, is also passionate about politics and was the one who introduced him to politics.


Max said he is also actively involved in a small, local group called Tax Enough Already (TEA). The group meets regularly in the Keller Lions Club at 532 Keller Parkway in Keller, Texas.


Max said he attends the meetings with long-time friend, Joseph Nourai, Keller resident.


Nourai said he is equally passionate about politics.


“Personally, because it allows me to have a hand in how our country is developed,” Nourai said. “I think that’s very important.”


Nourai said Max is an energetic and actively involved member of society.


“People listen because he has great ideas,” Nourai said. “For him to go to political action meetings speaks volumes of him.”


Max’s sister, Samantha Max, sophomore English major, said Max’s trip to Washington D.C. is a good opportunity and she is excited for him.


“I’m definitely really proud of him,” Samantha said. “He is going to do great things in his life.”