American Airline has said they have been forced to cut 13,000 jobs focusing mainly on maintenance so they can actually preserve more jobs than they would have without this cut. This is perhaps a reflection upon our worsening economy, yet I must argue the margins have improved since the start of 2011.

As a senior in college, I must ask my government what my degree will really be worth. For so many now, sticking to school and pursuing the next level of graduate studies is the best possible option as financial aid checks are still rolling in. However, to think I have worked the past four years only to graduate with a job making $9.00 an hour is rather depressing.

With the presidential elections coming up, I must say there is not a candidate who has grabbed my attention by balancing the necessity of education and jobs. I would have to agree that President Obama cannot be blamed entirety of our economy. We must also look at the actions of presidents before him.

Although these three subjects, job cuts, education and presidency may seem far fetched, it is interesting to see how a job cut in a field far from my own, can affect my vote and opinion as a student.