Well, the least recognizable star of the Super Bowl halftime show, MIA,  may have ruined it for future pop artists. Don’t know who MIA is? Yeah, that’s okay–neither did I until I rooted around on Google for a few minutes. However, all I really need to know is she’ll be forever known as the idiot who decided to flip the camera off during her part of the halftime show performance. Classy.

The game itself was pretty good, but calm overall. I can’t remember many moments where I was on the edge of my seat. Although, I have to say it sucks to be Tom Brady right now. So close…so close. But hey–I’ll leave the major sport-tastic talk to those who actually want to dive into a pool of football terms and cliches.

Back to the haltime show. Yeah, I know it was supposed to be all about Madonna. Blah-diddy blah blah, and all that jazz. But I have to say I wasn’t THAT impressed by her performance. I got my hopes up way too high when LMFAO and Ceelo Green appeared throughout the Madonna mash-up of songs. If I’d turned away for more than 30 seconds, I don’t think I’d have even seen LMFAO. What the heck was that about? One of the biggest groups of 2011 doesn’t even get a little bit of the spotlight? Madonna has to steal their thunder too? Bad looking out Madonna. Bad looking out.

Then there’s Ceelo Green, who appeared during Madonna’s performance of her new single, clad in a marching band uniform. His performance was so overshadowed by Madonna and her bad dancing that all I really remember is his slight wardrobe malfunction during his small part in Madonna’s “Life is a Mystery”. And no, he didn’t pull a Janet Jackson and flash any unmentionables. The wardrobe people just didn’t button the preacher-esque robe he was wearing for this song very well, so his marching band uniform from the previous bit was still shining through.

Last but not least, let’s back track to Miranda Lambert and husband Blake Shelton singing a tribute song, and Kelly Clarkson impressing the entire stadium with her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Considering how the halftime show turned out, I think we’d have been much better off making a switch and having these three artists entertain us, with Madonna on the mic before the game. Ah well. At least Miranda and Kelly had pink and purple bedazzled mics. Everything’s always better with rhinestones…right?

By the way, if the Doriotos dog commercial wasn’t your favorite the entire night, then I just can’t believe it. Pure funny.