I am currently paying all of my professors through what I believe to be a massive amount of tuition for a school that has less than massive amenities. For professors at any college level, big or small, I believe their responsibility is solely to teach the subject.

High school is for teaching students skills like raising their hands, timeliness, completing homework by the due date and balancing time between personal and professional life. I do not pay my college professors to tell me when to be in class, when my assignments are late or when I can use the bathroom. I firmly believe the material you take from college is what you put into it.

If I decide I do not want to attend a class and I miss out on notes or information on a test that should be my prerogative. If I want to waste my money and fail a class that, too, should be my prerogative. That does not mean that because I go to a small school I should hold less personal responsibility and soley rely on my professors to push me in my education.

College is a way to prepare you for your future career. In the real world, you sometimes have to do things you don’t want to do and that should be practiced in college with you having the option to have self discipline. Your boss will not give you a three-tardy warning for meetings, he will fire you.