Emma Fradette




The Texas Wesleyan baseball team played three games this past weekend, a doubleheader on Feb. 4 against Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College and one on Feb. 5 against Lubbock Christian University at La Grave Field in Fort Worth.


The Rams beat Hillsdale in both games Saturday. The first game was won 6-2 and the second game with a score of 4-1.


Derek Vaughn, junior redshirt pitcher, said overall the team did well.


“We have to bring more to the table each and every game,” Vaughn said. “Whether its conference play or a midweek game, we have to play every game as if it is our last.”


In the first game against Hillsdale, the Rams were scoreless until the fifth inning when Jake Howeth, freshman outfielder, hit a home run allowing the team to get up 1-0.


The Rams got two more runs after a hard hit from Brian White, junior catcher, leaving the Rams up 3-0. The Rams scored three more runs, and by the sixth inning the Rams were up 6-0.


The Hillsdale Saints scored two runs for the whole game, and the Rams finished the game 6-2.


The second game of the doubleheader started off great for the Rams getting a lead early with a single hit from Alex Padilla, junior catcher for the Rams.


The Rams also scored off an error from the Saints putting Wesleyan up 2-0.


However, the Saints did not give up, scoring a run in the third inning. Padilla put the Rams up again in the fourth inning, and Wesleyan started to pull away from the Saints.


The Rams held the Saints off the rest of the game and finished the game winning 4-1. Picking up again on Sunday Feb. 5, the Rams played fourth- ranked Lubbock Christian University and won the game 3-2.


Vaughn had six strikeouts through four innings.


Taylor Jockers, senior outfielder, scored in the bottom of the first giving the Rams a head start 1-0.


For the rest of the game, the Rams and the LCU Chaps went head-to-head with both teams having bases loaded at least once. Nolan Barbee, junior right handed pitcher, entered the game for the Rams in the eighth inning.


In the bottom of the ninth ,two bunts gave the Rams the winning run they needed. Christian Soberanes, senior shortstop, and Padilla both bunted the ball allowing Howeth to cross home plate. The Rams won 3-2.


Padilla said he thought Saturday’s games were rough.


“We should have won by a lot more on Saturday, but I believe today really got our team fired up because we finally realized how good we are even though we didn’t play our best game,” Padilla said. “We realized how much fun it is when the intensity is up, and we’re seeing how good the season can be.”


With the Rams record starting off 4-0, Barbee said it is a pretty good start for Wesleyan.


“We are just finding ways to win whether it is by one run or five runs,” Barbee said. “Our team chemistry had been very good, and we pick each other up anytime something goes wrong.”


LCU was ranked fourth so it was a good win for the Rams, Vaughn said.


“They are a good team, and we had to beat them in intensity on the field, which we did today,” Vaughn said. “We showed ourselves what we are capable of when we play together and we are excited to continue the streak we are on this year.”


Padilla said the team is going to continue to work hard to reach the goals the team wants to meet.


“There are a lot of little things we all need to work on, but as long as we keep pushing each other and working on keeping up the intensity, it will help us to keep swinging it and taking ground balls,” Padilla said. “We just got to keep working on the basic stuff.”


The Rams will play again Feb. 9 at 3 p.m. at La Grave Field in Fort Worth against Tabor College.