Jordan Twine


2012 is the year of comebacks and momentum. Some of pop’s biggest acts make a musical return, while fresh faces continue to build on their success.


The anticipation is killing fans worldwide, and I’m sure there will be some record breaking sales weeks.


Nicki Minaj makes a return with an emphasis on her crazy alter ego Roman Zolanski with Pink Friday: Romans Revenge. This project is sure to be full of gimmicky lyrics and aggressive beats.


I think it’s safe to say this album will be very energetic and vulgar as Roman holds nothing back. Roman’s Revenge will be in stores April 3.


Coming out of a decade-long hiatus, the band No Doubt, with front woman Gwen Stefani, will be making a splash this year with a new album. A date isn’t set, but the album has been recorded. Stefani has been teasing about the new project via Twitter.


Madonna reclaims the throne as the Queen of Pop music with her new album titled M.D.N.A.


Madonna performed at the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show and the release of her first single “Gimme all your luvin’” featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. was released the last week of January. Madonna’s M.D.N.A. will be available March 26.


R&B crooner D’Angelo is coming back swinging after a 12-year hiatus. There is no word on an exact date, but his project is in the mixing stages, and he makes a return to the stage for 10 sold-out shows in Europe starting at Club Paradiso in Amsterdam. Collaborators on the album are Questlove and Q-Tip.


After his highly publicized legal trouble, Rapper T.I. will drop his first album since his prison release. The name of the LP is Trouble Man probably drawing inspiration from the obstacles of the past year.


He also has a reality show on VH1 called Family Hustle that shows the southern rapper in a family setting which will probably help expand his marketability. Trouble Man will hit shelves sometime this spring.


YouTube sensation Karmin are set to make their mainstream debut this year.


Most famous for their eccentric covers of pop tunes via YouTube, the duo will release an album of orginal tunes this summer. No date has been released.


Another new act in line to make a splash this year is the group Sleigh Bells with their debut album Reign of Terror due out Feb 21.


This underground pop group is known for their synth driven sound. If the group sticks to this formula, they may be able to soldify a spot in the mainstream circle.


For more information regarding 2012 album releases, visit or the official websites of all the artists mentioned.