In the past, The Rambler has put reality TV through the ringer. We’ve called it every ugly thing in the book, and then some. The name “Snooki” still conjures a snicker or two in the newsroom.


However, I’ve seen the reality TV light. There’s of course the mind bogglingly annoying side we’ve mentioned in previous articles—full of fist pumping and rock-hard abs.


But in the past year, reality TV has brought some pretty addictive shows. The one I find the most intriguing has to be Storage Wars on A&E.


I mean, it seems like a bunch of middle aged men and women bidding on storage lockers full of abandoned items wouldn’t be all that thrilling at first glance. However, I find myself looking forward to the buyers finding out just what they’ve scored after each sale.


You see, the catch is—it’s all a risk. Buyers can look in through the front of a storage unit, but cannot touch anything, and are left to take the ultimate risk and put hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on the line in hopes of buying a locker with pricey goods lurking within.


Then there’s Dance Moms on Lifetime. And yes—it is definitely a hot mess. On one hand you’ve got a group of girls 10-13 years old giving it their all to win dance competitions each weekend under the direction of the female satan (which may be putting it lightly), and on the other, drunk housewives (said girl’s moms) as far as the eye can see.


But, there’s just something so amusing about a crazy lady yelling at children and grown women, while trying to toot her own horn every waking moment. No one messes with Abby Lee without an earful. That’s for sure.


And last but not least, there’s Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet. There’s nothing that could possibly tug on my heartstrings like a good dog rescue can.


I can’t even remember an episode where I haven’t at least teared up.


There’s just something so amazing about a family reaching out to not only hundreds of stray dogs, but to people who’ve found a new path in life and are being released into a prejudiced society.


In the end, it’s all about entertainment for me when it comes to television. If a show can capture and keep my interest, whether it’s Dance Moms or the Vampire Diaries on CW, I’m in it for at least the season.


Just toss me a Diet Coke and handful of thin mints (Yes, indeed, it is Girl Scouts cookies season) and I’m all set.