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Garrison Hawley, sophomore English major, also known as Hawley G is setting out to make his mark in the world of hip hop.


Born Oct. 10, 1991 in Missouri City, Texas, Hawley G knew he was destined to be a lyricist.


On Feb. 1 I sat down with the southern rapper.


Q: So, what inspired you to be a emcee?


A: I was an only child, so I had nobody I could talk to. Basically, rap was a way for me to talk about everything I was going through growing up. Girls, basketball, everything I was going through, it was easy for me to put it all in lyrical format.


Q: What rapper inspired you the most or who do you use as a blueprint for your career?


A: Andre 3000. He had a different style. His lyrics were a lot more complex than other rappers in the early ’90s. I was intrigued by how he could use his intelligence but at the same time keep it simple so that people could understand.


Q: How would you describe your style?


A: I’m a real lyrical person. I talk about things that everybody goes through, but at the time I put it in a format that’s sophisticated. I rap over beats that a lot of people never heard of and sometimes I rap over beats that a lot people heard of, so I can appeal to a large group of people.


Q: When was the first time you performed?


A: I did a show called Café Live this past summer. It was a youth type of event and everyone came out. It was my first time, but I enjoyed it. After that I started doing clubs, but I will never forget that first time.


Q: What do you want people to get from your music?


A: I make music for people to think. I want people to listen to my music and reflect on their own lives.


Q: Do you use being an English major as an advantage?


A: Yes. A lot of people say I have an extensive vernacular. I use words in my songs that people say “Man I didn’t understand that word,” to get people to think.


Q: Why don’t you curse in your music?


A: I don’t curse in my music simply because I think it takes away from the creativity. Labels say it all the time. You got to do something to stand out from the rest. Well, me not cussing is how I stand out.


Hawley G has released three mixtapes, Rebel to Conformity, Well, and Still Doing It.


Hawley is set to debut another addition to his mix tape sometime this spring.


The record titled Porcelain Prophecies, is inspired by thoughts he had while pondering in the restroom. His first single off the upcoming project called Sound Good, produced by Hard Hitz, is available now on


To download music or for more information on this artist, you can follow him on Twitter @therealhawleyg or visit