To wrap it up or not wrap it up—that is the question. How often do college students have sexual intercourse, and of those who do, how many really have safe sex?


College is the time to experience new things and for many, it is the first time they have been away from their parents and have the ability to use this newfound freedom.


Drinking alcohol and having sex are now easier than ever to do in the college setting.


Some may find themselves having sex with their boyfriend or girlfriend, while some may just have an occasional “sex buddy.”


A sex buddy is someone you are not in a committed relationship with but have sex with from time to time.


The problem with both of these scenarios however is just how often are they using protection? According to, only 54 percent of college students say they regularly use condoms.


That means almost half of college students chose to use no protection at all.


Now let’s be honest—for those of us who are having sex, we all know that the unprotected sex feels way different than the condom-wrapped intercourse; however, what if I told you that one in four college students will contract a sexually transmitted disease, also known as an STD, sometime during their college experience?


Even scarier, according to the Centers for Disease Control, there are 19 million new cases of STDs reported each year among people between ages 15-24.


That is half of the youth population, so college students should be extra careful.


Not only are STDs and HIV an issue but so is unplanned pregnancy. Birth control is not used by everyone, so without the use of a condom, pregnancy is possible.


According to 10 percent of college-aged women will become pregnant each year.


I think STDs are becoming so rampant because people are no longer staying in monogamous relationships.


It is sad to say, but cheating is very common in today’s relationships, and people do not think of the consequences.


You are not just hurting your partner’s feelings but you are putting him or her at risk of contracting an STD. If more people just stayed within their relationships, I don’t think these diseases would be such a problem.


I do not think sex buddies are the best idea either, because no one is committed, so either person is allowed to have sex with whomever they want.


If sex buddies are what you want, at least be smart and use a condom.


Valentine’s Day is coming up and my advice to everyone is if you are going to have sex, show your partner some love and wrap it up.