Emma Fradette




The Texas Wesleyan baseball team opened up conference with three consecutive wins this past weekend.


The team played a game Feb. 10 and a doubleheader Feb.11 at La Grave Field against University of the Southwest. The Rams won all three games scoring 9-4 the first game and beating the Mustangs again Saturday 5-1 and 5-1.


Derek Vaughn, redshirt junior pitcher, said he thought the team played like they knew what they were capable of.


“We had a few bumps along the way, but we are definitely improving each and every day,” Vaughn said.


The Friday game started off quick for the Rams with a hit from Alex Padilla, junior catcher, that brought two of his teammates into home plate


This led to a 2-0 first inning. In the second inning Christian Soberanes, senior shortstop, hit into the left field again allowing two more runs giving the Rams a lead of 4-0.


The Rams continued to play great field defense until the fifth inning when the Mustangs gained two runs on the Rams getting the score to 4-2.


However, the Rams did not give up and earned three more runs in the sixth inning with the help of Jordan Fuller, junior outfielder, and Hunter Robinson, sophomore third baseman.


The Mustangs earned two more runs in the eighth inning, but Robinson gave the Rams a 9-4 lead with a center single hit.


The Rams secured the game in the ninth inning with a win of 9-4.


Vaughn said he believes these early wins have motivated the team to continue to work hard.


“I believe these games so far this season have opened even some of our own player’s eyes to see what we can accomplish when we work together towards the same goal,” Vaughn said.


Padilla was happy with the win but said the team did not play its best.


“We had key hits but we let them keep coming back,” Padilla said. “We know we have to keep working hard to finish first in conference.”


Head coach Michael Jeffcoat said he is pleased overall with the team’s performance.


“We pitched well in all three games; defense was fairly consistent, and we got some timely hitting,” Jeffcoat said. “We will need to hit better this coming weekend to beat UT Brownsville.”


The Rams picked up again Saturday to play USW for a doubleheader. Soberanes, Robinson and Joseph Lassiter, senior second basemen, all hit the ball well in the first inning putting three runs on the board early for the Rams.


Due to an error from USW, Taylor Jockers, senior outfielder, was able to get to base when Soberanes hit a double. Fuller also hit a single in the fifth inning giving the Rams a lead 5-0.


The Mustangs scored once in the seventh inning, but the Rams kept the game winning 5-1. In the second game Saturday, Glen Morrison, sophomore second baseman, ran across home plate in the second inning allowing the Rams to get an early lead 1-0.


Jake Howeth, freshman outfielder, scored a run in the third inning after Jockers hit one into center field. In the fourth inning, the Rams got a decent lead up to 4-0.


Padilla hit a fly ball to the center to give the Rams their fifth run and the Mustangs only scored once in the sixth inning.


The Rams won the game 5-0.


Padilla said there were some key components that helped the Rams win this past weekend.


“We had some big hits from a couple of players, and our pitching really stepped up when we needed it,” Padilla said.


The Rams will pick up again Feb. 17 against UT Brownsville in Brownsville, Texas.