I’m going to take a dip into celebrity news, an area of news I believe is irrelevant. However, two incidents caught my eye and brought to my attention just how consumed Americans can get in lives that are not their own, the passing of Whitney Houston and Chris Brown and Rhianna getting back together.

I understand celebrities are willfully, in most cases, putting themselves in the lime light. However, that should not mean signing away every ounce of privacy to their lives. Who even cares enough about a celebrity who, mind you, is a regular person, enough to stalk and know what their every move is? Imagine if the same time and effor alloted to the flashing of Brittney Spears’ panties was focused on poverty and hunger across the globe.

As journalists, we should take it upon ourselves to present our audience with newsworthy subjects that allow us to make our world a better place. As consumers, we should focus our time and energy on people and things that can better our world.

Whether or not Riahnna and Chris Brown decide to get in a relationship again in not the decision of their fan base. The scrutiny of Whitney Houston’s lifestyle choices should be an example of the emphasis mistakes receive when in the lime light.

There are plenty of alcoholics who have over dosed and yet millions of Americans did not attend those funerals and millions of Americans did not scrutinize their lives. We all have our own demons, we just don’t have to tell the nation about our faults to be discussed and highlighted.