It is no longer a secret. Everyone’s new year’s resolution had some form of “Make my body better” included in it. Perhaps the gym isn’t the answer for everyone, but with technology now a days who really needs some good ol’ cardio?

Some of the newest, healthy diet trends are listed on the link below. It is quite possible, according to nutritionists at, to lose weight without ever stepping foot on a treadmill. However, this is a slower process and often a less healthy one.

Technological advances have turned their efforts to weight loss supplements and pills as we face a morbidly obese America. However, the side affects of these pills can be extremely detrimental to a person’s mental well-being.

For those scientists who might argue that obesity is a disease, I would have to beg to differ. Being obese is a choice. I will admit to understanding genetics, however, that is a line that can be stopped by simply putting down the BigMac and picking up an apple. The argument for obesity as a disease comes from sparks in the brain that send us messages to “eat more” in simple terms. Although the pills they are offering us are sending waves that say “stop eating”, they also come with waves of depression and suicidal tendencies.

We cannot get mad at fast food restaurants for being the suppliers of our disgusting calories that we choose to take in unless we are going to point the finger at weight loss supplements for the cause of chemical imbalances leading to emotionally unstable individuals. All in all, my question to America is how far will we go to look like the model on that magazine? Are suicidal tendencies really worth that image?