According to CNN blog sites, Rick Perry is noting his attempt for debates in the 2012 primary as merely a practice as he embarks on the road to a presidential election yet again. Personally, I don’t want a presidential candidate who shows n0 interest in bettering educational costs and economical status.

Perry has proven to be a candidate who fails to have answers to the key questions concerning our nation right now. With a prerogative for the rich to get richer and the poor to get more poor, Perry will not be able to solve our economical issues that have college graduates wondering what their education is really worth.

I cannot say there is another candidate as well rounded as Obama. I will agree that he did not hold his word on several environmental promises he made throughout campaigning, but I will also agree the economic status of America cannot be placed on Obama alone. That rests also on presidents before him, like Bush.

Students should voice their opinions on Perry running for President and his “Oops” moment at the 2012 debates. Also, include your vote for President this term.