Jordan Twine


Students rehearse for Theatre Wesleyan’s next play, Charley’s Aunt.


The production is set to open Feb. 23 in the Thad Smotherman theatre in the Law Sone fine Arts building.


The play is set in the 1890s and centers around Jack and Charley who are interested in two girls, Kitty and Amy, but need a chaperone in order to be around each other. In turn, they sway their friend to stand in as Charley’s Aunt.


Rachel Benham, junior theatre major, said the play is funny and she enjoys her role as Kitty in the play.


“She [Kitty] has an anger management problem which is funny,” Benham said. “It’s a lot of fun; the whole show is a lot of fun.”


Jeanne Everton, associate professor of theatre, is directing the play and Benham said she likes the way Everton conducts rehearsal.


“I’ve never worked with Jeanne Everton before,” Benham said. “It’s a very comfortable process and she knows what she wants and its fun. She’s a really good director.”


Keorah Strain, sophomore theatre major, is working on costumes for the play and she said a lot of the inspiration comes from certain eras.


“It’s Edwardian close to Victorian,” Keorah said. “The word is big. Very big. Elegant. It’s very clean, big and detailed.”


Strain said this production calls for more work than other plays they have put on this year.


“I feel like it takes a lot to do Edwardian stuff,” Strain said. “If you were working on a regular T-shirt you would get that done fast compared to a corset.”


Eduardo Aguilar, junior theatre major, plays Charley in the play. He said his character is a little timid in comparison to his friend Jack in the play.


“He’s not your outgoing type of guy,” Aguilar said. “He’s more quiet, humble, shy, not dorky but more on the nice side.”


Aguilar said that he connects with the character.


“He’s not that different from me,” Aguilar said. “I think I’m like that [like Charley] in a relationship with someone it’s just different because of the time periods.”


Aguilar said this role is very interesting.


“It’s different,” Aguilar said. “You have to find ways connect to with the character.”


Tickets for Charley’s Aunt is $8 general admission and $6 with presentation of a valid school I.D.


For reservations or more information contact the box office at 817-531-4211.