Emma Fradette




The Texas Wesleyan baseball team lost all three games against the University of Texas at Brownsville in Brownsville, Texas Feb. 18 and 19.


The first game Saturday was a long one for the Rams, going into 13 innings. Christian Soberanes, senior shortstop, scored the first run for Wesleyan early in the first inning, and Justin Barnes, senior outfielder and first baseman, gained another run for the Rams putting them up 2-0. The Scorpions scored in the fourth inning taking the lead 3-2.


The Rams did not give up with the bases loaded in the seventh inning. Taylor Jockers, senior outfielder, gained a run tying the score 3-3. In the bottom of the seventh, Patrick Stanley, junior pitcher, came into the game keeping the Scorpions off the score board until they gained three walks and loaded the bases. The Scorpions gained a last-minute run beating the Rams 4-3.


Dillon Wilson, senior left handed pitcher, said he believed the team’s effort should have been enough to win.


“I feel that we played well enough to win all three games in the series, but we had a few calls that didn’t go the way that we wanted, and we let it get to us,” Wilson said. “That’s baseball. Sometimes you play with your emotions on your sleeve when you shouldn’t worry about them and just play the game.”


The Rams played UTB again Saturday night. The Rams had seven errors in the game that cost them four runs. The Rams were scoreless until the fifth inning when Jake Howeth, freshman outfielder, hit a single that brought Vincent Winter, junior outfielder, home. It was a quick game for the Rams lasting just under two hours, but the Rams could not get the win. They lost 4-1.


Derek Vaughn, redshirt junior pitcher, agreed with Wilson saying almost the same thing about the team’s performance.


“I feel like we played well enough to win the first game, but some calls here-and-there by the umpires got under our skin, and we were more focused on the calls than doing our job,” Vaughn said. “There were plenty of positives that came out of this weekend, but it also shows us a lot of what we need to work on.”


Nolan Barbee, junior pitcher, thought the team did not play as well as it should have.


“We just didn’t take care of what we needed to,” Barbee said. “We need to improve in every area still, and we have a lot of work to do, but it’s early so we have time.”


The last game of the weekend was played on Sunday to cap off the weekend series.


The Rams played with a never-give-up attitude, but it just was not enough. They lost to UTB 7-5. Alex Padilla, junior catcher, and Stephen Niedwiecki, senior first baseman, gained the Rams a 4-0 lead in the fourth inning.


The Scorpions came back at the Rams scoring four runs and tying the game 4-4. In the seventh inning Tyler King, senior pitcher, reclaimed the lead for the Rams scoring a run.


UTB did not give up and scored three runs in the seventh inning to defeat the Rams with a final score of 7-5.


Vaughn said the team needs to learn to play a complete game.


“We get up on a team early, and instead of staying on them and keep tacking on more runs, we just seem complacent, instead of burying them which we need to do,” Vaughn said. “All around we can improve. Hitting has been showing signs of improvement, but we still have to get those bats hot.”


Wilson said the team also needs to cut down on the walks allowed, although the team is pitching well.


“Our sticks are coming around, and we are fixing to start swinging well,” Wilson said. “We just have to take it a day at a time and keep improving on what we can.”


The Rams will swing back into action Friday, Feb. 24 against Central Baptist College in Fort Worth at La Grave Field at 2 p.m.