You’re really digging the cutie you just met. You guys talk on the phone for a while and decide it’s time to go on your first date. But let’s face the facts for a moment: you’re a college student. This is the time in your life where the phrase “the best years” is supossed to describe those carefree and rebellious years that every university student experiences.


Relationships can be stressful and breakups can be even worse. However, before you cancel on your crush, realize that you can still take him or her on a date without going over board.


The objective is not to create a relationship but to let one form on its own. Most of you will have to learn this for yourself, but when thinking about getting into a relationship in college, or even something else, try to stay logical before making a decision.


A date for a college student takes a little creativity. You want to create an atmosphere that is not only carefree, but thoughtful. Money is already a problem enough, but the date doesn’t have to add on to it.


Dating on a college campus has lots of advantages. This may be the easiest time in life to meet people. Usually there are plenty of fun and inexpensive activities to do around campus.


On the other hand, college dating can be complicated because it takes place in an atmosphere filled with stress, drama and gossip.


Going to the movies is a classic date. It is relatively cheap, depending on where you live, and it doesn’t require knowing the person all that well. Despite the awkward moments involved in a movie date, like the arm-around-the-shoulder, you can find out quite a lot about your date by the kinds of movies he or she enjoys.


Also, nothing says “I’m feeling you” better than a home-cooked meal. Remember ladies, mama always said the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


If you’re really digging your date and dinner ends a little too soon, make it a Blockbuster night. After you’ve gotten the girl or guy and the relationship starts, here is when you need to start paying attention to character. Always define your expectations. What exactly are you looking for? Are you looking for a serious relationship or someone to hang out with? Be honest with yourself and your date.


If you are not ready to be in a committed relationship, let them know straight away so that you do not give them false hope. Don’t just grab the first person that pays attention to you. You should know what you want in a partner and look for those qualities in the people you meet. Think carefully about getting engaged or getting married during or shortly after college. Many young marriages last forever, but many more do not. Never consider marriage because you feel it’s the “thing to do” after college. One of the most important things in a relationship is staying true to who you are, but being open for growth.