This semester, I transferred into Texas Wesleyan from Tarrant County College South Campus. Things have been a bit hectic for me since the beginning on the semester. I work for The Rambler, work at the TCC South Bookstore, and I’m a full-time student. Here are my tips for transfer student survival



Familiarize yourself with the campus before school starts. Yes, the maps are easy enough to understand, but knowing where you are supposed to go beforehand could be the difference between you getting to class on time, or walking in late and being used as an example of what not to do.


Find out what resources are available and utilize them as much as possible. The Academic Success Center has a series of workshops aimed primarily at transfer students and the Transfer Advisory Board is dedicated to helping transfer students integrate themselves into the Texas Wesleyan community.


Reach out to your fellow students and seek their advice. I have learned so much information about my instructors—information that has served me well so far in my classes.


The phrase, “use your time wisely”, has become my mantra this semester. As stated above, I have a lot of things going on and must try to plan accordingly. I will not lie, I have not, by any stretch of the imagination, mastered the art of using my time wisely. As we all know, procrastination is a foe of great power. And we all must do our best to conquer it.




Get to school as early as possible for a decent parking spot. As we all know, parking kind of sucks around here. And I don’t know about you guys, but when I am already sleepy, spending 15 or 20 minutes looking for a parking spot is not fun.




The last and final piece of advice is to not lose sight of what is important. Yes it is a new university, new people and new experiences. But don’t get so overwhelmed with your new surrounding that you get sidetracked and forget what is really important. This is about getting your degree and building a happy and successful future for yourself.


By Tristian Evans