Tristian Evans


The Eunice & James L. West Library has been meeting the academic needs of students and faculty alike for more than 20 years.


The library is open seven days a week and offers a plethora of literature and research texts.


Cindy Potter, director of the library, came to Texas Wesleyan in 1988, when the library had just been built.


“I had just completed library school and did not know what kind of librarian to be,” Potter said. “I was told about the new [library] being built and they needed a librarian. So I came to interview and just fell in love with it.”


Potter graduated from Texas Wesleyan in 1971 and had not been back since then.


“It was very exciting to see the campus grow like it did,” Potter said.


She said students can use the library to access the Internet, research topics for their classes, get their ID badges and parking passes.


Students can also enjoy free coffee and tea during those late-night and early-morning study sessions.


On the first floor of the library is the reference and circulation department, which is headed by Kaeli Vandertulip, reference and instruction librarian. Vandertulip covers science and education, and said her background in science makes it a perfect fit.


“I’ve always been a research nerd,” Vandertulip said. “When I was studying to be a biologist, my favorite part was research. When I was a biologist, my favorite part was teaching my colleagues about the new research that had just come out.”


Vandertulip said finding out about the new research that had just come out was one of the things she always enjoyed, which is what led her to librarianship.


After she got her master’s degree in library sciences, she decided that reference librarianship was what she wanted to do and applied for a job at Texas Wesleyan.


“I never want research to be boring, or painful,” Vandertulip said. “I call myself the librarian evangelist because like a religious evangelist, I go around and spread the good news about how great libraries are.”


Vandertulip said she and her coworkers love helping people and she believes that to be true about anyone who goes into the library sciences. Vandertulip and her coworkers work with the faculty of Texas Wesleyan to ensure they have the resources they need to teach their students.


Also on the first floor are the Academic Success Center, the Center for Excellence and Learning in Teaching and the juvenile collection of books.


On the second floor are the periodicals department, freshman advising, computers for student use and private study rooms. Students can also lounge on comfy couches while studying.


On the third floor, there are various other book collections, research computers and conference rooms.


There is also an inter-library loan service that acquires books students need from other libraries in the area.


Sherri Parker, coordinator of library services, has worked at the library for 16 years, and said she enjoys it.


“It’s just a very nice place to work,” she said. “[It’s] very interesting, and there is always something new happening.”
Parker said students are welcome to come to the library to interact with each other, even if they aren’t necessarily studying.