Joshua Dunk


Finding affordable and stylish clothes for men can be a bit tricky.


So many brands and retailers produce cookie cutter styles that will quickly assimilate your individuality into a look that is largely homogeneous.


Fashion in my eyes gives me a way to show my personality and creativity.  As a man who has an eye for style I have an upper hand compared to most men.


However, it’s still hard for me to find clothing that is not only affordable for a college student, but looks as if it is not.


In the fashion industry most designers focus their collection mainly on women, thus men’s fashion have been given the title that it is boring.


The obvious difference between women’s fashion and men’s fashion is choice.


One thing women’s fashion certainly doesn’t lack is choice and that choice comes in many forms; choice of retailers, choice of styles, even choice of trends.


The number of designer’ and fashion houses that put out  collections for women surpasses that of those for men, so you get a wider variety of collections each season, more trends and styles.


I also think it may come from how society perceives male fashion and how men react to it. Women, generally, grow up with the notion that liking fashion is acceptable.


On the other hand men aren’t really encouraged to like fashion when they’re younger. It is not really perceived as a ‘manly’ thing. Because of this, I’d say that men are less likely to experiment than women when it comes to clothes.


Designers can afford to be more experimental with women’s fashion because it is more likely to be accepted, tried and bought by women.


Being more experimental with men’s fashion therefore is more likely to end up with the clothes gathering dust on the store hangers.


Appearance is everything. You don’t want to be taking your girlfriend to a restaurant and other men come up to talk to her because you didn’t look as if you could possibly be with her.  


Here is a hint. Men, sagging is not cool anymore. Give it up.


If you’re currently stuck in the world of Old Navy, Gap, Forever 21, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister, there are a few other retailers who stand above the pack.


These outfitters produce fashions and styles that will help you better develop your image and express yourself.


The top 10 retailers where to find some of the most affordable, stylish fashions available to men are: BlueFly, Bonobos, Gilt Groupe, H&M, Top Man, Uniqlo, YesStyle, Yoox and Zara.