Rolandra West


Dr. Trevor Morris re-defines the definition of well-rounded with his extensive resume.


As the son of a commercial pilot, Morris has traveled to more than 60 countries around the world, received three degrees from two different universities, and has served two years as the dean of natural and social sciences at Texas Wesleyan.


Morris has served as dean since June 2009 and will be ending his term at the end of spring 2012 semester and Dr. Marcel Kerr, professor of psychology, will take over as interim dean. Although Morris will end his term as dean, his work ethic has been recognized.


Morris completed his doctorate’s and master’s degrees at the University of South Carolina, and his bachelor’s at Roanoke College.


Morris worked as a professor of political science at Methodist University in North Carolina for 15 years. He stood in as a department chair of political science and history, dean and vice president from 1989 to 2006. He was also provost at Lambuth University in Tennessee from 2006 to 2008.


“I don’t have a favorite [job],” Morris said. “I enjoy teaching and being in the classroom, but I also enjoy the problem solving of administrative work.”


Morris said it has been interesting working at Wesleyan and that there are many good faculty and staff.


Theresa Anderson, senior education major, said she has worked as Morris’ student worker for almost two years.


“Dr. Morris is fair, easy going, and willing to listen,” Anderson said. “I’m glad I have had the pleasure of being his student worker.”


Charity Strickland, administrative assistant of the Natural and Social Sciences, said she has enjoyed working for Morris for two and a half years.


“Dr. Morris came to Texas Wesleyan at a time of great transition. The School of Arts & Sciences was being split and The School of Natural & Social Sciences was created,” Strickland said. “He is a very devoted leader, amazingly brilliant and a wonderful person. It is rare that you find all of those qualities in a person.”


Not only does Charity know him as a boss, she knows him as a person.


“Dr. Morris is by far one of the most rational, approachable and kind-hearted individuals I have met here at Texas Wesleyan,” Strickland said. “I wish him the best in all of his future endeavors and look forward to hearing of his accomplishments.”