Joshua Dunk


Texas Wesleyan will represent District 6 (Texas and Arkansas) in St. Louis in June as they compete at the national competition for athletic training.


On Jan. 27, the Texas Wesleyan athletic training students won the District 6 Quiz Bowl competition in Irving, Texas, outpacing the second team University of Texas at Austin by more than 2,300 points.


The Quiz Bowl tournament is a Jeopardy-style athletic training competition that is broken up into five domains of athletic training.


With each domain, there is a set of questions and the team to hit the clicker first has the chance to answer the question, earning them the most points with that domain.


Quiz Bowl topics on Jan. 27 included injury/illness prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, immediate and emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation, and organizational and professional health.


The National Athletic Training Association (NATA) is a nation-wide organization of athletic training that offers certification cards, education hours and it represents as the place to report to when starting work in that particular career field.


The Quiz Bowl is the student portion of NATA. Before nationals, every participant must qualify at district level.


“At district the first round is jeopardy then double-jeopardy and then final jeopardy where you wager how ever much,” Christina Kelley, senior Wesleayan Quiz Bowl team member, said.


Last year was the first year Wesleyan entered the Quiz Bowl competition.


“We were the runner-up for the competition to [Texas Christian University],” Kelley said. “We were in the lead the whole time until the final jeopardy question.”


This competition is different than others because unlike sports, it is not something that can be trained for in advance.


John Walsh, junior Quiz Bowl team member, said it takes a lot of work to be apart of the team.


“I’ve been doing this for two years and our seniors for three,.It’s not something that you can train for, it’s about the knowledge you obtain as you go through athletic training,” Walsh said.


Kelley said the key to winning these types of competitions is strategy.


“Last year was our first time participating in the competition so you had a lot of us who didn’t really know much about it,” Kelley said. “We knew what to expect this year. We strategized more on how to answer the questions, studied and created a mock Jeopardy-style game to know who the fastest clicker was.”


Laura Kunkel, clinical coordinator at Wesleyan, is a faculty member at the athletic training workshops.


“Our students got involved with the Quiz Bowl after going to the workshops and meeting with several different people,” Kunkel said. “Because they won at district, NATA will waive their registration fee for the competitoin they won and the district will award them each $500 towards travel and hotel.”


The team consists of Kelley, Walsh, junior Jeff Hooks and senior Grace Savage.