Emma Frdette




The Texas Wesleyan softball team played in the Cowtown Classic Feb. 17 at Gateway Park in Fort Worth winning two of the three games played on Friday.


The Lady Rams played three games against Graceland, Bakers University and Southwestern University and ended the day 2-1.


Courtney Orebaugh, senior outfielder, said she was impressed with her team’s performance this past weekend.


“I think we did really well,” Orebaugh said. “It was a really good look into seeing how the season is going to go, and we are going to be strong this year. I’m really excited.”


Raven Moreno, junior utility player, said practice for the Lady Rams has helped prepare the team properly.


“We got a lot of reps in, and we have a lot of fun with each other during practice, just being intense and having fun makes it easy when it’s game time,” Moreno said.


The first game of the day was against Graceland who scored on the Rams early.


With a 1-0 lead in the third inning Moreno ran into home plate after Christina Kelley, senior first baseman, hit a single into centerfield tying the game 1-1. In the fourth inning the Lady Rams had the bases loaded and scored three more runs with a couple of bunts changing the score to 4-1.


The Lady Rams kept bringing the intensity in the seventh inning. They scored four more runs in that inning, taking the pressure off the Lady Rams with a score of 8-1. Ashleigh Jiminez, senior second baseman, hit a three-run homer over the left fence to give the Lady Rams even more cushion with a 11-1 lead. The Lady Jackets only scored two more runs giving Wesleyan the win 11-3.


Moreno said she was happy with the first game results.


“I think we did awesome, especially for our first games,” Moreno said. “It is definitely the best we have been since I have been here.”


The second game was played against Bakers University. The Lady Rams fell behind early in the game. The Lady Wildcats scored two runs in the beginning of the game to take a lead of 2-0. Wesleyan remained scoreless in the fifth inning when the Lady Wildcats earned another two runs making the score 4-0. However, the Lady Rams did not give up with a run from Orebaugh to give the Lady Rams a score of 4-1.


The Lady Rams kept pushing. They scored three more runs with help from Moreno, Jiminez, Lindsay Cline, sophomore third baseman, and Marissa Rangel, senior outfielder. Despite their efforts, the Lady Rams fell short to Bakers 5-4.


The last game of the day was played against Southwestern University with a second inning that gave the Lady Rams an extremely high and quick score.


The Lady Rams scored nine runs in the second inning alone. Chelsea Boles, sophomore catcher, Cline, Jiminez and Dakota Whittern, freshman catcher, helped the Lady Rams get the 9-0 lead. The Lady Rams scored two more runs in the fourth inning 11-0. After the fifth inning, the Lady Rams won the game 11-0.


Makelle Akin, senior outfielder, said the team stayed together and encouraged each other the whole time.


“We got compliments from other coaches saying we look great, and they couldn’t believe these were our first games,” Akin said. “Coach was very proud of us, and we put defense, offense and pitching all together.”


Moreno said head coach Shannon Gower has played a big part in keeping the team motivated.


“She helps by talking to us when we need it. She doesn’t yell at us, and she is always encouraging,” Moreno said. “She is always telling us to keep pushing harder and keep our heads up.”


Even though the Lady Rams came through 2-1, Orebaugh said there are things the team can work on.


“Of course there is always room for improvement,” Orebaugh said. “I do not think, however, there is any area in particular that we are weak in, and we can only get better from here.”


The Lady Rams will play in the upcoming St. Gregory University Tournament starting at 12:00 p.m. Feb. 24 in Farmers Branch, Texas.