Stay Wired Coffeehouse and Computer Services, is a “lively” and “soulful” place to be if you are a student or local musician, especially on Thursday nights. Stay Wired is a coffeehouse that sits right next door to Barnes & Nobles(c) and across from Fuzzy’s Tacos(c) on Berry street. Started up by John Campbell, Stay Wired continues to grow in popularity amongst teens and

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Brandon Loredo | Rambler Staff

young adults alike.

“Open-Mic Night” was started by Laura Baldwin one morning with a random quest to get her and the community’s voice out; Laura had a goal to spread the gospel and was surprised at how successful it became, “…I had a huge smile on my face just praising the Lord because he’s been so good to us.” with close to seventy-five people showing up every thursday night for over two years, it has been a big success.

Laura’s husband and co-founder of Open-Mic Night, Jonathan Baldwin, had commented about Open-Mic’s overall experience, “…It offers the opportunity to hear amazing music, play amazing music, and talk about Christ.” Jonathan has been an active and avid part of Open-Mic Night for a little over a year; singing, playing music, and running the audio equipment are just some of the things he has done.

Open-Mic Night is a place for people of all ages to come out and voice his or her own opinion on any and everything from their own heart.

Upon my first time visiting, I enjoyed the Christian atmosphere and lively spirits of each and every person there. What you expect when you first walk in, is completely different from what you experience. There were people in giant groups everywhere, talking to each other and having fun. Some were playing chess and others were playing guitar and singing to people; everything was completely unexpected from just a “normal” coffeehouse. The feeling I got inside of Stay Wired was as if the building itself were alive and breathing, fluttering with life inside of it! Stay Wire to me had the essence of freedom all around it; freedom to be yourself, freedom to love, and freedom to enjoy life! Stay Wired is not just a coffeehouse or a place to study, but also a place to do just about almsot anything with people as close as family. Stay Wired was a blast, and I hope to visit and attend Open-Mic Night  again really soon!

By Brandon Loredo;