Joshua Dunk


Texas Wesleyan offers an array of activities on campus including a chance for non-basketball players to play basketball on campus.


Currently, Student Life offers a chance for teams to play against each other at three-on-three games every Wednesday from 7-10 p.m. in the Sid Richardson Gym. They have also offered rock climbing, gold and flag football at other times of the year.


Jasmine Tuya, senior marketing major, said intramural sports offer something for everyone. “Faculty can do it and students can do it,” Tuya said. “Our main focus for now is the three-on-three basketball tournament.”


The three-on-three basketball game serves as an opportunity for students and faculty to have time to play in the gym.


“You can get a group of three guys, three girls, two guys one girl, or two girls one guy,” Tuya said.


In order to join, a player must fill out a roster for the teams and turn it in to Chris Windsor, assistant dean of students, in the Student Life office.


Baron Yarborough, junior business management major, said involvement in intramural sports is recently becoming more popular.


“Intramural sports have slowly died down,” Yarborough said. “When Chris Windsor took the position as assistant dean he set up a dodge ball tournament last year with the help of the students and it became a big success.”


Amber Smith, sophomore criminal justice major, said finding something to do can get a bit stressful.


“It’s hard enough not to have a car, and then for there to be nothing to do is nerve-racking,” Smith said. “I always wanted to play a sport of some kind. Now I have a chance to do something I wanted to do and stop the boredom.”