There’s nothing worse than a doctor poking around in your lady parts. But on the other hand, there probably aren’t many things more daunting than an unplanned pregnancy.


I don’t claim to be an expert on all things political, but I have to address a topic that’s been buzzing around in the political arena lately—a part of Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that would allow women to obtain contraceptives through their private insurance companies at no out-of-pocket cost.


The Catholic Church of course has some issues with this notion, since their faith does not condone contraceptives.


While I understand their qualms, I cannot say I think the legislation shouldn’t pass.


I do however think this entire controversy is complete buffoonery.


Just this past week, President Obama promised that the Catholic Church is not paying for this part of Obama Care, in an effort to appease those opposed to church members’ tax and insurance dollars being spent on it.


But really, that’s impossible, since insurance companies, to which people (including Catholics) pay money, have private insurance through, will be paying for the free contraceptives for women who want them.


But truly, all the religious hooplah and argument is a moot point for me. The real reason more women don’t use birth control (at least in the pill form), is because of the invasive exam they have to go through to even receive a prescription.


I realize there are risks a woman takes by not getting these exams regularly, but I’ve never heard of any female looking forward to such things—and it can be such a frightening thing for younger females if they’ve never experienced it before.


This is why I think birth control pills should not be free, but should be sold over the counter to women who would like to purchase them.


Condoms are always a good second precaution—and should continue to be something people pay for.


Having a baby is not free—and contraceptives shouldn’t be either.