Texas Wesleyan alumna and entrapreneur LaNette Kincaide is on a mission to prove that beauty does not always come at a high price.

After spending some time in the corporate world, Kincaide said she found her true passion in custom jewelry making and decided to start her own business.

In March 2010, Kincaide debuted her custom jewelry making and accessory boutique company, Just Pearlz, building awareness by attending different social networking events.

With her love for jewelry inspired by her grandmother, Kincaide wore pearls in college and said even at a young age, she knew jewelry was more than just something to wear—it was a statement.

“I remember watching my grandmother glow after putting on a special piece of jewelry,” Kincaide said.

Currently, since Just Pearlz is still a young buisness, Kincaide rents a conference room for showings in Dr. Linda Amerson’s office at LA’s Hair and Scalp Clinic in Arlington.

Amerson is also an appreciative customer of Kincaide’s.

“I have been a customer for three to four months; her pieces are good quality,” Amerson said.

So far, Just Pearlz has been featured in Crave Magazine, Alive Magazine and two community newspapers.

Kincaide said when she started Just Pearlz, her slogan was “For girls who wear real pearls.”

She then began to notice most of her customers were sophisticated women, which inspired a change to her slogan, now promoting Just Pearlz with “For women walking in excellence.”

Kincaide said she targets women looking for high fashion and fun jewelry pieces at an affordable price.

Her plan is to position Just Pearlz to become a multi-level marketing company, similar to popular companies Avon and Mary Kay, in which others interested can become representatives and also hold showings to sell Just Pearlz products.

Currently Kincaide runs all parts of the business, from the showings and orders to the shipping of the pieces to her customers.

Amongst all the responsibilities with running her business, Kincaide also writes for the Dallas edition of The Examiner, a nationwide online blogging publication, which highers individuals to write blogs about particular subjects and specialties each week.

But even with all that work on her plate each week, Kincaide said she still makes time to give back to the community she lives in. So far, she has participated in a fundraiser for breast cancer research, in which she sold pieces of jewelry she’d designed herself, with proceeds going to the chairty.

Kincaide is currently taking classes to earn her master’s degree in women’s studies at Texas Woman’s University. She said education is still a big part of her dreams, and wants to send the message that even though she has begun her own buisness, education is still the key to her success.

 Dr. Sara Horsfall, associate professor of sociology at Wesleyan, taught Kincaide, and also robed her at the robing ceremony before graduation.

 “Lanetta Kincaide was a great and enthusiastic student. I’m not surprised that she is doing well in her business,” Horsfall said.

 Kincaide said she is slated to speak to Wesleyan sociology students on March 8 about business.

 Katherine Williams;  kswilliams@txwes.edu

 Shauna Banks;  sbbanks@txwes.edu