For the past three years Texas Wesleyan has been coordinating the World of Wesleyan Leadership Certificate Program.

When Michael Chaney was hired on four years ago as coordinator of student activities and volunteerism he was challenged to start a leadership program. The World of Wesleyan Leadership Certificate Program was created.

Chaney said the leadership program is designed to equip individuals with a core skill set that is essential for great leadership, while giving them the freedom to develop their own leadership style.

“It teaches people that you can be a leader no matter where you are in life,” Chaney said. “You don’t always have to be the head of a company or an organization you can lead at any position in life.”

The program comprises one approved conference, 10 hours of community service, a reflection paper and five world café discussions.

Chaney said the world café discussions are interactive dialogs with other members of the program where students build on expanding their leadership abilities and skills with hands-on practice. The café discussions consist of topics such as leadership, focus, vision, goal setting and public speaking.

“One of them can be done as a café observation and the other four need to be done in the cafés that I host,” Chaney said. “There are 16 cafés over the course of four weeks.”

Chaney said the best part of the program is being able to engage with different people with different ideas and learn from them.

Baron Yarborough, junior business management major, said he is just starting to get involved with the program.

“I believe that leadership is very important to college life as a whole,” Yarborough said.

An approved conference is also a part of the program. On Feb. 24 from 2-6 p.m. there will be a conference hosted by Michael Rose. It’s a free $250 value.

There are two opportunities where students can get involved with the conference, one in the fall and the other in the spring. Jasmine Tuya, senior marking major, was impressed with the program’s flexibility.

“I missed the fall conference because I was sick and it’s good that I can do the next one on Friday,” Tuya said.

The World of Wesleyan Leadership Certificate Program is open to faculty, staff and students.

Chaney wants the participants to understand the significance of leadership.

“When you lead your life, you lead your world,” Chaney said.

Joshua Dunk;