The Texas Wesleyan Athletics department may soon require drug testing for all student athletes.

Steven Trachier, Wesleyan’s athletic director, is currently trying to get the policy passed.

At the time of press for The Rambler, the policy was set to be presented to the Student Life Committee on March 6. Trachier said if they approved, it would be presented to the Texas Wesleyan Board of Trustees at noon the same day.

The trustees are the final level of approval.  If both committees approve, the policy will go into effect as written. Either committee can recommend changes to the language.

Trachier said there will be a  drug education class to go along with the drug testing.

“It is not just about the testing. It’s about the education of consumption as well,” Trachier said.

Consequences have not yet been established for those who test positive.

Trachier said if a positive test comes up, his goal is to get the student help.

“I can’t 100 percent say what the consequences would be, but I can say if positive, that person would have to sit out half of their competitive season [if the testing proposal is passed],” Trachier said.

Trachier said the money for the random drug testing will be funded by the athletic director’s operating budget,  and the cost is expected to be around $5,000, Tracier said in an email.

Head men’s basketball coach Terry Waldrop said he stands behind Trachier’s  suggestion for the drug testing. Waldrop said almost every National Collegiate Athletic Association university athletic program has a drug policy.

“I am very pleased to see Texas Wesleyan University Athletics under the leadership of Steve Trachier move toward this, as it will be a great benefit for our student-athletes and our institution,” Waldrop said.

Student-athletes have had different opinions about the random drug testing. Some are for the new policy.
Bre’Untay Reed, senior business management major and Lady Rams basketball player, said she thinks the drug testing is a good idea; that it is just going with the guidelines.

“I feel the drug testing is a wonderful thing for athletes that are on scholarship,” Reed said.

Reed said she considers playing sports like a regular job.

“This sport is like basically your job, and you can’t do illegal drugs on your job,” Reed said. “Your schooling is being paid for, so why do it [drugs] with schooling?”

To find out more about athletic drug-testing policies go to and search drug policy.

Katherine Williams;