Students, staff and faculty at Texas Wesleyan experienced a power outage and cancellation of some classes March 5 due to a blow out from a main electrical line TXU energy supports.

Luke Nicoles, supervisor of facilities, said this blow out caused a ground fall burn in a pit located in the courtyard outside of the Eunice and James L. West Library. They had to drain this pit before replacing three wires.

“There is no way to know what caused it other than it happened,” Nicoles said.

Nicoles said the campus is run off of three main breakers and they were able to get two up by Mon. and the last one by Tues.

This outage affected all of the main buildings on campus including the Administration building, McFadden Science Center, Brown Lupton Campus Center Food Court, Dan Waggoner Hall, Armstrong-Maybee Business Center, Polytechnic United Methodist Church, the Jack and Joe Willa Morton Fitness and Sid Richardson centers as well as Otho. C. Armstrong Hall.

“It’s a bad situation, but at least we get a break from a lot of academic work,” Ricardo Aguilera, junior business marketing major, said.

The Residence Life department was also affected, with a power outage in Elizabeth Means Armstrong Hall, Stella Russell Hall and Dora Roberts Dining Hall.

“The bad thing is we have no electricity, no air conditioner and the dorms are kind of boring,” Aguilera said. “Luckily, Dora’s came through with food.”

For administrators, their concern is in the material lost through computer crashes.

Michael Smith, support specialist, said he did trouble shooting on all Drobo hard drives.

“I plugged the hard drives into my personal mac to see what I could pull from them, but one started smoking and several others were bad,” Smith said. ”No material has been able to be recovered.”

All classes were scheduled to reconvene March 6.

Eliana Mijangos;