Top 10 movies people will keep on watching   

In the last installment of Tristian’s Top Ten, I wrote about my all-time favorite top 10 movies. In this installment, I’ll list 10 movies I truly believe people will still be watching 20 or 30 years from now.

1. The Social Network — This future classic, written by master scribe Aaron Sorkin, chronicles Mark Zuckerberg, and his creation of the social media phenomenon, Facebook. While it doesn’t exactly portray Zuckerberg as a likeable person, the writing is superb.  Decades from now when the “Age of Social Media” is being discussed in classrooms, this movie will definitely be shown to give all of our descendants an idea of our generation.

2. Black Swan — Natalie Portman stars in this psychological thriller about a  shy young woman who is so desperate to get the starring role in her ballet company’s production of Swan Lake, she decides to take a walk on the wild side and discover a dark side of herself she never knew existed.  Everything from the directing to the acting will ensure this movie has a place in DVD and Blue-Ray collections for decades to come.

3. Inception — This movie has one of the coolest high concepts I have ever encountered. “What if corporate spies could enter dreams to steal secrets?” Director Christopher Nolan, who also wrote the script, said in interviews that he originally envisioned Inception as a horror film.  I think all fans of this movie can thank a higher power that he didn’t go along with that original idea. Inception is one of those movies that demands that you pay attention to every little detail and keeps you guessing until the end. Especially the ending. This movie will definitely be engaging and frustrating audiences for years to come.

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — The conclusion to the Harry Potter films that was years in the making, Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2 brought a satisfactory conclusion to the franchise. After decades of waiting, we finally see Harry and his loyal allies make their last stand against the forces of Voldemort. And, since it is a war story, we see some of our favorite characters die.  Be that as it may, the message of good triumphing over evil was the underlying theme of not only this movie, but the entire franchise. I think this is a message that will always resonate with viewers.

5. The Dark Knight — After years of campy and downright awful Batman movies, Christopher Nolan, of Inception fame, took the Batman franchise in a grittier, morally gray direction. This is a rarity; it is actually 10 times better than its predecessor, Batman Begins. Batman faces off against the Joker and Two-Face, two of his most deadly foes.  While Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart both give chilling performances in their respective villainous roles, they also make you somewhat sympathetic to their characters.

6. Yes Man — Whether you’re a Jim Carey fan or not, this is a comedy that is truly entertaining and funny. Carey stars as a down-on-his-luck average Joe, who, after taking a self-help seminar, says yes to any opportunity that comes along. As one could guess, this leads to a lot of hilarious moments.  While there is a serious message of living life by your own rules, this is just one of those movies that you can watch and be simply entertained.

7. No Country for Old Men — This crime thriller stars Josh Brolin as a man who finds a bunch of money in a Texas field, and the violent game of cat-and-mouse he plays with a merciless and psychotic hit man, played by Javier Barden. As I mentioned before, good acting and good writing definitely help to make a movie a future classic. And this one has those in spades.

8. The Hangover — Now, usually I like my movies to have themes and a serious message somewhere in them. While this has none of those, in my opinion of course, it is still one of those funny films that friends can get together to watch and laugh their heads off. While this might not fit the usual definition of a classic, future generations will definitely get plenty of laughs out of it.

9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — this thriller starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara is one of those action thriller movies that has you on the edge of your seat, guessing until the very end.  Mara’s portrayal of the disturbed but badass Elizabeth Salander is one that will impress audiences for years to come.

10. Juno — This comedy starring Ellen Paige as pregnant teenager, Juno MacGuff, is definitely one I imagine people will be watching decades from now. It manages to strike a perfect balance between being funny and serious at the same time. It may be the only movie out there about teen pregnancy the whole family could enjoy.

Join me next time when I will rank the top 10 novels of all time, which include characters such as a boy wizard, a teen gladiator and a terrorist who starts a subculture of underground fighters.

Tristian Evans;