Often teens anticipate that the life of a college student is full of wild parties and sorority-life fun.

It is a given that when becoming a college student, fun becomes a major priority and class is just a setback, at least for some. Once I had a semester or a year of wild and outrageous fun, I was burned out.

The question is what is next? What else is there to do besides filling up my schedule with partying? Many colleges provide student activities and organizations that are supposed to pique  our interest. People always say there is a group or organizations out there for everyone, truth is there isn’t here at Wesleyan.

Honestly, for a private school such as Texas Wesleyan with an estimated enrollment of 3,048 students, it is hard to please everyone with a group or organization suited just for them. However, I do believe there could be additions to these organizations we currently have.

Erica Estrada

Outside of academic and religious organizations, Texas Wesleyan’s list of special interest/social organizations could be renovated and publicized way more often.

Many students at Texas Wesleyan know of the most familiar organizations/special interests such as cheer squad, Social Rams, student government and the top sororities— but what about the League of United Latin Americans Citizen (LULAC), Black Student Association (BSA)? These groups may be known to few at Wesleyan but I’m sure most Wesleyan students have not seen or heard of these organizations.

Personally as an African-American student I have never heard of the Black Student Association.  I have heard of LULAC, but it hasn’t been publicized as much as many other up and coming organizations. These low-profile organizations should be restored and publicized around campus, because they have dwindled away.  These organizations should solicit more members or put up fliers to help further the efforts of making a happier student body.

Before even adding any other organizations, the ones we do have should be taken care of and recognized in order to move forward with any new ideas of what should be added to the 15 organizations at Wesleyan.

I have noticed that Wesleyan has an organized group for both African-American students and one for Latin Americas, (whether it is active or not) but Wesleyan currently has no diverse association for students to unite together. I believe a Diverse Culture association would be a wonderful addition to the social organizations.

Yes, Wesleyan has an International Club that encourages various cultures, but we do not have a club that represents all nationalities that believe in the strength of diversity and maintaining friendships with any race.  I truly believe there are students who would be interested in such an organization.

Besides cultural-based organizations, Wesleyan is missing an open expression organization. When I say open expression I don’t mean opinions on what is being done at Wesleyan or what is not, but a form of spoken word and poetry.

Wesleyan is known for liberal arts programs like theatre, choir and music, but what about a club for those whose interests set best with expressing themselves through writing or even through photography?

Wesleyan also used to have an art department. Instead of bringing back the department itself, a club could be organized for those who like to use their freedom of expression through visual art, poetry and spoken word.

As a college student, I believe the college experience is always greater when you are enjoying yourself on campus, whether it’s through school -related activities or social events. They all make the years and time go by faster. Before you know it you have made tons of friends, filled and perfected your resume, and gained a degree all at the same time.

Rolandra West; Staff Writer; rdwest@txwes.edu