Forgotten at Chuck-E-Cheese: Scary or awesome?

You know it’s a slow news day for Yahoo News when one of the top stories is about parents forgetting their children at Chuck-E-Cheese. Then again, there is something intriguing about the whole ordeal. I mean, I can’t really imagine how a parent actually forgets their child in a facility they came to FOR said child.

However, let’s say it’s plausible a parent does leave the place, childless and clueless. How does it then take hours for the parent to finally figure out “Oh, hey, maybe I left my kid at Chuck-E-Cheese”?
Not only that–but the only reason that same parent has come to this conclusion is because of a news report on television flashing a picture of their child. Ludacris. Where are the Duggars when you need em’? I’m sure they’d have some choice words for these parents. After 19 children, you have to of devised a fool proof system for keeping up with them all, no matter where you are. 

On the flip side, I can’t imagine having been too upset if my parents had forgotten about me at a Chuck-E-Cheese when I was young. As long as my tokens didn’t run out of course. 


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