Elections for the future student leaders of Texas Wesleyan are just around the corner.


Petitions to run for executive and representative positions in the Student Government Association are now available in the SGA and student life offices, said current SGA president Bradden Van Noy.


Those interested in running for an executive position in the SGA must obtain 50 signatures for their petition before turning it in to the student life offices in the Brown-Lupton Student Center or SGA offices in O.C. Armstrong Hall.


Those running for a representative position must obtain 25 signatures for their petition, Van Noy said.


With Van Noy graduating this May, Texas Wesleyan students and faculty will soon see someone new sworn in to continue Van Noy’s efforts for the students and bring in some fresh ideas of his or her own.


“I would like to see a good leader—a strong voice and someone who’s going to carry on the traditions and the voice and the power and the leadership that we’re proud of in SGA—and some of the long-term goals in SGA,” Van Noy said.


Petitions to run for office are due by noon April 2 to the SGA or Student Life offices. Those running for executive positions can begin campaigning April 4, and those running for representative positions can begin campaigning April 11, Van Noy said.


Voting for executive positions will be April 18-19, and April 25-26 for representative positions.


This year will mark the first year Wesleyan students vote in SGA office elections online, Van Noy said.


VanNoy said polling stations will be available for students to vote at in the student center and Eunice and James G. Library, but students will also be sent an email from the chief justice of the SGA, containing login information, links and a unique password to cast their ballots during all four election days.


Similar to homecoming, which was the first time the SGA had implemented online voting at Wesleyan, students will also be able to view biographies and photos of those running for office, Van Noy said.


He said 207 people voted for Homecoming king and queen in February through this online system, which is up from just 57 votes last year.


Van Noy said he hopes to also see more people vote in SGA elections this year with the new system.


Some of the issues Van Noy said he hopes the future president will continue to make efforts in implementing improvements including the installation of security cameras on campus.


“It’s not something that with the expense, we can do right now,” Van Noy said. “We’ve made a lot of headway; we’ve got a plan in place and it’s ready to go.”


Van Noy also hopes the future SGA executives and representatives will push forward with the issue of who is permitted to robe undergraduates at their robing ceremony before graduation.


Currently only faculty are permitted to robe students. At a Faculty Council meeting last fall, Van Noy and current SGA members presented a proposal that would allow staff with higher education degrees to also robe graduating students.


However, the proposal was not approved, only missing approval by two votes with a 52-54 vote.


Van Noy also said he hopes future SGA members will continue the fight to get the alcohol policy at Wesleyan changed.


Garry Jones, current SGA secretary, said the SGA has made a lot of headway this year with getting the alcohol policy changed.


“Our plan that we submitted to President Slabach was similar to TCU’s,” Jones said. “You can’t be in your room with anyone under 21 years old. You can’t have a wet bar or more than a 12-pack of beer or bottle of wine.”


Also with continuing those policy efforts, some students and alumni hope to see their future SGA president bring in some fresh ideas to implement.


Jan Pettigrew Wilde, Texas Wesleyan alumna, said she remembers grassroots efforts made while she was at Wesleyan—including students who slept in the grass under a tree behind the library when it was set for demolition.


“I recall the SGA being made up of those among my peers who I truly regarded as leaders,” Pettigrew Wilde said. “I feel that the SGA president needs to be prepared to work with the diverse student population that exists on the Wesleyan campus—all ages, religious backgrounds.”