Most college students eventually encounter a time when a research paper creeps its way into the work schedule. But when the tough gets going, and options for help are minimal, the librarians at Texas Wesleyan have provided a Research Paper Boot Camp for those with questions and concerns on how to get the job done.
The Research Paper Boot Camp is a chance for students to get one-on-one time with the librarians and tutors on ideas for research papers, help finding sources, to cite sources and organize their papers. March 28 was the first Research Paper Boot Camp held by the Eunice & James L. West Library librarians and Academic Success Center tutors.
Kaeli Vandertulip, information services librarian, said she was in charge of coming up with the idea for a research paper how-to class and is happy with the response so far.
“The Research Paper Boot Camp is a chance for students to come to the library and get one-on-one, intensive help with their research papers,” Vandertulip said.
Research assistance outside of the boot camp is available at all times, not just during this particular workshop, she said.
“The help we were providing is actually very similar to the work we do at the reference desk in the library and in the Academic Success Center every day,” Vandertulip said. “We hoped that by having it as one big event, we could encourage more students to take advantage of these services when they need it the most, while writing a term paper.”
Vandertulip said this is something she always wanted to do, but this is the first semester it has ever been done. Library staff and tutors plan on another boot camp in the future Vandertulip said if students are not able to make this event, help is still provided daily at the reference desk and with writing tutors.
Sasha Banks, senior English major and writing tutor, said it was a really good turnout. Banks said she, along with a couple of other tutors helped proofread and edit students’ papers that came into the center.
Banks said the librarians including Vandertulip took care of the citing that students needed help with.
“Ms. Vandertulip is a genius when it comes to citing notations, there are thousands of notations and she knows all of them that I don’t,” Banks said.
Along with the tutors and librarians, Michael Greer, assistant director and learning specialist, was deeply involved with the camp.
Greer said she helped coordinate the event along with the center tutors.
“The center was thrilled to partner with the West Library librarians and is excited to continue collaborating on this event in the future,” Greer said.
The librarians and the Academic Success Center plan to make the Research Paper Boot Camp a bi-annual event for both the spring and fall semesters.
For more information on the services provided by the Academic Success Center and the librarians, visit the Academic Success Center and the reference desk located in the West library.
Rolandra West