Two fresh homemade cookies with a scoop of sinful Blue Bell ice cream in the middle equals the signature dessert at Sweet Sammie’s in downtown Fort Worth.
Family owned Sweet Sammie’s, a cookies and ice cream parlor, celebrated its two-year anniversary March 2.
Sweet Sammie’s was one of the first businesses to open in the center of the strip of West 7th Street in Fort Worth.
The owners Daniel and Kelly Close, originally from California, moved to Texas to be closer to their daughter who moved to Texas five years ago. They currently operate the business with the help of their son Cory Close.
“We’ve owned businesses before in California but nothing like this,” Kelly said. “We’re different … anybody can make cookies, and anybody has ice cream, but who’s thought of it?”
Kelly said she and her husband Daniel pick up supplies for the store to save money and keep menu prices low for customers.
“The reason we can charge $2.65 is everything is made from scratch, except for the Blue Bell ice cream® of course,” Kelly said.
Customers come in often, happy to pay the low prices for tasty treat combinations.
“They have the most delicious homemade cookies in the world,” Lizbeth Perez, a local customer, said. “They have great quality desserts for a steal and there are so many combinations.”
In addition to cookies and ice cream sandwiches, Sweet Sammie’s also offers beverages, including sodas, hot chocolate, juice and bottled water for only $.90.
Other dessert options customers can take advantage of include brownie bowls and milk shakes.
“Obviously, cookies and ice cream are our specialty. We came up with brownies we call brownie bowls,” Kelly said. “They actually have a concave bottom to them—we warm them up for people and they [brownie bowls] hold a scoop of ice cream perfectly.”
During its two years in business, Sweet Sammie’s has already acquired several loyal customers, who always come back to satisfy their sweet tooth.
“I used to work next door at Movie Tavern,” said Antonio Mercado, 19-year-old loyal customer. “My favorite is the crazy cookie dough ice cream with two chocolate chip cookies. I love this place. All the times I’ve been here they’ve [the owners] been really nice and down to earth.”
Sweet Sammie’s also offers additional seating outside its store for those who prefer to be outdoors. Anyone interested in getting the most up-to-date news on the sweet treats parlor can follow Sweet Sammie’s on Twitter or find them on Facebook. For more information, check out their website, at
Christina Rae Herrera