After two years of inactivity, the Black Student Association at Texas Wesleyan is preparing to become a vital part of Ram territory once again.

For the past couple of months, a committee made up of some of the campus’ African American employees has come together to oversee the resurrection of the group. Each of them felt a strong need to have this organization exist not only for African American students, but for all students.

“I’m excited about it,” committee member June Johnson said. “I want [the group] to be a voice on the campus for not [only] black students, but all students.”

Johnson said once the organization is back up and running, it will be very active.

“We’re looking at doing some mentoring programs with some local schools in the community.” Johnson said.

Johnson said they want to be a part of the university’s new strategic plan and vision and feels that bringing the organization back to Wesleyan will accomplish that.

At 12:15 p.m. April 19, the committee will hold a meeting in the Orientation room of the Eunice & James L. West Library.

At the meeting, the bylaws and constitution of the organization will be read and the goals for the club discussed. All students, faculty and staff are invited. Students interested in becoming the president of the club can also apply for the position.

On April 24, an election will take place for the club’s president. Eventually, the president will select officers and begin working on the projects the club hopes to get accomplished.

“One of our main focuses is to work with community organizations,” committee member Beatrice High said. “As well as serve as a united front on the campus and get the students involved.”

High said she hopes the new incarnation of the club will have longevity and help create networking and job opportunities for students. Committee member Tim Bellmon said he hopes this club leads to the emergence of other African-American organizations on campus.

“By there [not] being any historically black fraternities or sororities [on this campus] I think this is a great avenue to potentially bring some of those on campus,” Bellmon said.

The committee said while they are helping to organize things, once the president and officers are in place, it will be a student-run organization.

“I think this committee here, serving as advisers to the students will be a great benefit.” committee member Chad Ballenger said.

For more information, contact Joslyn Neblett at 817-531-4872.

Tristian Evans;