Just because a person over 21 decides to live on campus doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t want to enjoy a drink in the comfort of home ever again. It also doesn’t mean that same person doesn’t want to enjoy a drink or two with a few friends watching the Super Bowl in that same on-campus housing.
I have to give the Student Government Association some definite brownie points with the issue of alcohol being allowed on campus. Currently, alcohol is not allowed on campus or in any Texas Wesleyan housing– no matter if you’re 21 or 55.
Instead, students are forced to pile into cars and drive to downtown Fort Worth to enjoy drinks with friends. Yeah. That sounds safe.
With the new policies members of the SGA have come up with, alcohol would be allowed on campus for those of legal age, and who meet some other minor requirements centering on drinking responsibly.
Currently, the policies are in the process of making it to a Texas Wesleyan Board of Trustees meeting for discussion and voting. If passed at the next meeting, the policies would go into effect next fall.
Although I don’t live in the dorms, a birthday daiquiri never hurt anyone over 21. I’d be willing to bet those who do live on campus just might agree.
Only time will tell. Here’s to next fall!