Tristian Evans
While the Dallas-Fort Worth area is full of museums that give visitors a detailed look into the lives of ancient civilization, and allows them to appreciate those civilizations, the Lone Star Film Society tries to do the same for films.
The Lone Star Film Society is a non-profit organization that exists to cultivate an appreciation for the art of film. According to its website, the society was created back in 2002 after the original Fort Worth film festivals had concluded.
“The main objective of the Lone Star Film Society is to celebrate film as an art form like museums [such as] the Kimbell and Modern celebrate the other visual arts,” Alec Jhangiani, director of the Lone Star Film Society said in an email. “We do this by providing Fort Worth and North Texas with the highest quality and diversity of film programming as possible.”
Jhangiani came to the Lone Star Film Society after working numerous film production jobs. Originally, he was working as an intern. He eventually worked his way up to a position as Director of Programming for the first festival the film society hosted, and now serves as the overall director of the film society.
Jhangiani said the film society has one big film festival per year in November called the Lone Star International Film Festival. This year, the festival will run Nov. 7 – 11. Throughout the rest of the year, other screening and events will take place twice a month.
Jhangiani said what he loves most about his job is helping to promote the art of film in such a way that it changes the dynamics of the City of Fort Worth.
“People are surprised that there is so much potential for a first-class film festival,” Jhangiani said. “That is what excites me most about the festival, that we can continue the tradition of world class arts appreciation in Fort Worth, but take it in a new direction.”
Jhangiani said he encourages anyone who is interested in working on films, to pursue opportunities in the Fort Worth and North Texas area.
“You don’t have to live in New York or LA anymore to really be involved in film,” Jhangiani said. “It’s everywhere, and we have a great community here in Fort Worth. The Lone Star Film Society is one place to start.”
Ramtin Nikzad, managing director of the film society, said he loves how the society brings people together.
“We hope to benefit the North Texas community by providing quality programming, community outreach and by making a positive economic impact to the areas we serve,” Nikzad said in an email.
David Sowden, a senior radio-television-film major at the University of North Texas, said the Lone Star Film Society is a great way for film aficionados to get a chance to work in the industry.
“There are some really great people over there, who really love what they do and really love movies,” Sowden said.